Thursday, August 11, 2016

REACH Offers Online Housing Education

With more than 30 years of experience in the real estate industry, mortgage broker and realtor Patricia M. Tracey is passionate about supporting her Florida community through offering counseling and other services for low to moderate income individuals who are considering home buying or dealing with foreclosure. In 2015, Patricia M. Tracey’s organization, Real Estate, Education and Community Housing (REACH), won TRUINFO’s Non Profit of the Year in 2008 and HomeFree-USA’s Affiliate of the Year for 2010.

REACH partners with various businesses and organizations in order to help home buyers with financial management and protect families from foreclosure. Housing counselors can give people personalized advice when the latter are dealing with specific issues, and REACH also offers courses in order to educate people on best practices for buying a home and managing debt.

The population REACH typically serves tends to consist of working people who may not have a lot of time to attend courses in person. In light of this fact, REACH recently partnered with eHome America, an online homebuyer education website used all over the US. eHome America meets national industry standards for education and offers courses on money management, foreclosure, and home buying and maintenance. Through these accessible courses, homeowners and homebuyers can attain the education they need to manage their finances, prevent foreclosure, and enjoy their homes with a sense of security.

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