Friday, July 22, 2016

Real Estate, Education and Community Housing

In 2006, Patricia M. Tracey founded Real Estate, Education and Community Housing (REACH), an organization that assists low to moderate income families in Florida with homeownership and foreclosure prevention. As a part of her work at REACH, Patricia M. Tracey has collaborated with several children and family organizations, including the new programs being established for children within REACH.

REACH4HealthyKids is a nonprofit that aims to make high quality education and childcare more affordable and accessible to children in Florida. One of the organization’s programs is to be exercise and healthy food training. In partnership with a community of organizations that can help children who have developmental and behavioral issues, REACH will give families the ability to access the community, resources, and support they may need to address a child’s specific concerns early and effectively.

With a focus on a child’s first eight years of life, REACH will endeavor to provide information and counseling to families to connect with the services that may be able to help them. The program also conducts research, collecting data and educating the public about the importance of early screening and detection.

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